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DataGene provides software and strategy services and has a portfolio of services to deliver solutions for Australian and international customers across dairy and agriculture. This suite of services has enabled DataGene to diversify its income stream and create opportunities for collaboration and learnings that benefit our stakeholders.

DataGene has a specialist team of IT and change management professionals that has built up a skillset around IT project management, working with large complex data sets, managing large-scale global projects, the ability to scale on demand and assessing change readiness. Further development of these skillsets helps to maintain DataGene’s genetic evaluation and milk recording software and provide improved services to customers.

Working with our development partners, DataGene uses established, proven and repeatable methods and processes to deliver projects from concept through to implementation.


DataGene provides consulting services covering strategy design and implementation, data integration, software development, data governance, managing change, supply chain analysis, and many other use cases across the agricultural landscape. Starting with discovery workshops, mapping the current “as-is” and assisting our client organisations’ to plan the “to-be” or future state. We work with you as a trusted partner to help you plan, prepare, and implement programs of work focusing on people, capability, and productivity outcomes.


We have the capability to run multiple projects and technology teams in the delivery of tools and services across agriculture. We engage with our clients on end-to-end program delivery from initial assessment to requirements to delivery and support. We work with our delivery partners overseas to provide cost-efficient solutions that are leading-edge in innovation, technology and performance. DataGene has access to over 4000 software engineers who are led by our technology and project delivery specialists operating from Melbourne.


We help to make sure that organisations are ready for the next shift in the agriculture market. Whether that is managing the data integration and reporting to deliver on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) expectations, help you to discover how ESG can open market opportunities, or how supply chain audits can lead to clear lines of traceability and provenance to addressing consumer expectations. Sustainable business practices help to support the circular economy and DataGene can help you prepare for the regulatory, governance or industry reporting expectations as well as improve on-farm practices.

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