Breeding decisions matter. Bull and heifer selection decisions change the nature of a herd, so it is important that the Australian Breeding Values (ABV) and indexes used to make decisions are validated. DataGene, with its research partners, regularly conduct investigations to test that ABVs continue to work well in Australia’s diverse dairying environments.


Ginfo is Australia’s national reference herd of more than 150 commercial dairy herds with excellent records.

Feeding the Genes

The Feeding the Genes study investigated interactions between sire genetics and feeding systems on milk solids production; and the cow’s chance of lasting in the herd.

Health data for healthy cows

This project provided the foundation for the future development of new health-related Australian breeding values.


Interbull provides its network of 35 member countries with an international genetic evaluation service for dairy and beef cattle.

ImProving Herds

ImProving Herds brought together worldclass experts, with the aim of turning complex science into simple, data-driven decisions that deliver profits to farmers.