DataGene is a member of the International Dairy Data Exchange Network (iDDEN), which is negotiating data exchange between on farm equipment and software systems and national databases, including Australia’s central data repository (CDR). This will provide the pipeline to dramatically expand the number of data suppliers connected to the CDR. It will also create access to new types of data, offering opportunities to develop new breeding values and decision support tools.

iDDEN is progressively signing agreements with international companies to enable data exchange/integration exchanges with iDDEN members. Many companies elect to pilot their data exchange systems in a single country with a broader roll out once teething issues are addressed.

iDDEN uses the Animal Data Exchange (ADE) standards set by the International Committee on Animal Recording (ICAR) to enable easy transfer of common data. These standards make the implementation of data transfer in Australia simpler across a range of data providers.

iDDEN has agreements with the following companies: (as at October 2023)

    • DeLaval and its affiliates UNIFORM-Agri and Dairy Data Warehouse
    • GEA
    • Afimilk (produces cow behaviour sensors, farm management software and milk meters)
    • SmaXtec (a rumen bolus sensor company)
    • Qualitas AG (provides IT and quantitative genetics services for Swiss livestock)
    • Lely