DataGene is responsible for driving genetic gain and herd improvement in the Australian dairy industry. Its key activities are research, development and extension. DataGene performs many pre-competitive herd improvement operations, including genetic services, software development, herd testing, herd recording and data systems. DataGene also provides software and strategy services to deliver solutions for Australian and international customers across dairy and agriculture.


DataGene enables farmers and industry to maximise profit through data-driven decisions.


DataGene delivers world-class genetic evaluation, software and decision-making tools to enable Australian farmers to improve their herds and maximise their profit through data-driven decisions and innovative industry services.

Our Team

DataGene’s diverse team includes people with skills in genetics, data science, IT, software engineering, project management, extension and finance.

Our Board

DataGene is governed by a skills-based board. Members are elected on their knowledge and experience in dairy, herd improvement, finance, R&D and governance.

Corporate Reports

Discover more about DataGene’s activities through our Annual Update, Financial reports, Annual Operating Plan and Herd Improvement reports.

Consultative Committees

DataGene has a variety of formal and informal mechanisms that provide stakeholders with input to DataGene’s priorities. Formal governance structures include the Board and Standing Committees.


Our members include leading herd improvement service providers, genetics suppliers, breed associations and peak dairy industry organisations.

How we work

DataGene plays a fundamental role in the pathway between research outcomes and on-farm application. With many others also having a role in this process, collaboration is vital.