How we work

DataGene plays a fundamental role in the pathway between research outcomes and on-farm application. With many others also having a role in this process, collaboration is vital.

DataGene has a long standing collaborative relationship with DairyBio which provides the research pipeline for genetic evaluation, new traits, improved reliability and novel applications.

DataGene performs the development and delivery roles to implement new traits and applications created by DairyBio. The development phase may involve implementing models into DataGene’s genetic evaluation system and developing new software, tools or Apps. Ginfo – the industry’s genomic information reference herd has an important role for both research and development. DataGene’s expertise in development is increasingly recognised and valued by other organisations within the dairy industry and more widely across agriculture who are commissioning the services of DataGene’s IT advisory and strategy team.

DataGene’s routine delivery services include genetic evaluation (ABV releases, genomics which are published via, software services such as DataGene Centre for herd test centres and a range of extension resources.

Dairy farmers are the reason for DataGene’s existence. They are the end-users of most of our products and services and the focus of our vision and mission. We recognise that many players have an influence on the application of herd improvement on farm. To ensure farmers have access to the information and tools they need, DataGene works with a broad range of service providers including herd test centres, software companies, bull companies and genomic service providers. We can also reach farmers through a diverse range of advisers, including Dairy Australia’s regional programs.