DataConnect is a new initiative that explores ways the industry can work, pre-competitively and collaboratively, to tackle the challenges farmers experience when exchanging and integrating data. This is the next step towards the vision of enabling farmers to optimise their business through data-driven decisions and builds on DataGene’s work over the past few years to develop a modern and fit-for-purpose Centralised Data Repository.

The starting point for this work was to hear directly from farmers at a workshop held in March 2023 where participants generously shared information about how they interact with data, software and the stumbling blocks that they faced.

Participants came from nine businesses using equipment and software (inline meters, robots and sensors) from a range of suppliers. We are spending time, on-farm, to explore the complexities of varying systems and their interaction. We are working with trusted advisors to explore opportunities where this project can make a real difference and exploring how we can work with software providers to increase data exchange efficiency.

In parallel, DataGene continues to progress its work with the International Dairy Data Exchange Network that is building better pipelines with overseas equipment manufacturers.