Herd Test Centre Committee

The primary objective of the Herd Test Centre Committee is to provide advice and recommendations to DataGene in relation to opportunities such as new data sources, new diagnostic analysis, and enhanced software and reporting including HerdPlatform and the Centralised Data Repository (CDR). The scope of the Herd Test Centre Committee is on pre-competitive discussions, including software and service development. HerdPlatform is a tool on DataVat that gives farmers interactive access to their herd test results and new herd recording and herd improvement tools, reports, and services.

The committee met three times during 2022/23 on topics including workability data collection, promotion and uptake of HerdPlatform, calculating yields in robotic and inline systems, and redevelopment of DataGene’s Centre software.



The committee is made up of management representatives from

  • National Herd Development (NHD)
  • Hico
  • Dairy Express
  • TasHerd and
  • FarmWest

with input from DataGene and secretariat support from Chris Murphy.