Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee

The Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee provides advice and recommendations to the DataGene Board on specialist matters in relation to genetic evaluation and related technologies.

The Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee met four times during 2022/23.

The committee received regular progress updates and provided feedback on the updating genomic analysis, and progress with the Sustainability Index, splitting bases for Red Breeds, Within Herd Herd Ranking Tool, changes to Good Bulls criteria, and Semen Fertility Values.

Reports from each meeting are distributed to stakeholders and are available on request.

Members of the Genetic Evaluation Standing Committee in 2023 included:

  • Tim Jelbart (Chair), DataGene board
  • Steph Bullen, Dairy Australia
  • Andrew Aldridge, ADF
  • Janet Auchterlonie, dairy farmer
  • Trevor Parrish, dairy farmer
  • Jennie Pryce, DairyBio
  • Tim Weller, WWS
  • Christian Hickey, NHD
  • Bruce Ronalds, ABS
  • Rob Derksen, Genetics Australia
  • Glen Barrett, Jersey Australia
  • Rohan Butler, Holstein Australia
  • Daniel Abernethy, Zoetis
  • Matt Shaffer, DataGene
  • Thuy Nguyen, DataGene.