Data Access and Standards Standing Committee

The Data Access and Standards Committee provides strategic advice and guidance to stakeholders in the dairy industry, including DataGene. It establishes the guidelines for the operation of the CDR and DataVat and provides advice on the development and implementation of data standards to support industry data sharing. The Committee guides the development of policies and processes for the access and use of herd improvement industry data and develops and oversees a process for handling requests for exceptions to these policies.

At its first meeting, held in February 2023, the committee identified the following priority areas: impact of multiple animal IDs on genomic data, inline data, health data, NLIS recording of beef on dairy, suitability of DIF files, ease of data correction and autocorrection of parentage via genomics.

Data Access and Standards Standing Committee members:

  • Sam Simpson, (Chair), DataGene Board
  • Andrew Aldridge, Farmer Member
  • Glen Barrett, Jersey Australia
  • Jacqui Biddulph, Farmer Member
  • Steph Bullen, Dairy Australia
  • Heather Campbell, Farmer Member
  • David Chandler, Easy Dairy
  • John Crowther, Holstein Australia
  • Paul Douglas, STgenetics
  • Daniel Espinosa, MSD Animal Health (Allflex)
  • Peter Nish, TasHerd Pty Ltd
  • Phil Wren, National Herd Development
  • DataGene staff.